Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shades of pink

View from my dining room after the big storm over the weekend.  So serene and yet just a precursor to the blizzard yesterday.

Chase needed homemade Valentines for preschool so this is what we came up with.  He liked sprinkling the glitter hearts and picking out the stickers to attach to each foam heart.  I really like how each one sparkles and has its own personality.  


Time to finish Sidni's first birthday shirt.  I finally figured out how I want to make the "icing" for the cupcake.  A large tulle rosette will do the trick.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So here I am... call it bitten by the blogging bug, but I'm making a go of it.  Life seems to be coming at me faster than I would like.  Perhaps my blog will slow me down and help me reflect on and absorb all of the splendidness.  

In making this blog, I literally spent hours searching for "just the right" layout.  I'm not convinced that this is it, but for now I'll let it work its magic on me and perhaps I'll end up keeping it.  The title of my blog was much easier.  I just adore the word S-E-R-E-N-D-I-P-I-T-Y.  Doesn't it just capture the joy of all things simple?  And after much pondering about my life, I've come to realize that my greatest bliss comes from the simplest of things - my husband's laid back demeanor, my son's sloppy toddler kisses, my daughter's sweet baby lips, my puppy's wet little nose... ahhhh - to relish...  back to my title.  Shabby comes from my obsession with all things primitive and vintage.  The grungier the look, the warmer my heart!  I fantasize about a time when I might find myself stitching away the lazy afternoon rays of sunshine.  Of course, this little fantasy won't be complete until I'm also sitting in the crafting nook of my old farmhouse, staring at my kids playing underneath the big weeping willow tree.  A girl can dream...

Well, my first post is complete and yet I have so much more to say.  Maybe this blogging thing is just what I need!